Elementor #1493

This page contains the movie corpus, a collection of movie subtitles and metadata for about 15k movies.



Watching movies is one of the most popular entertainments among people. Every year, a huge amount of money goes to the movie industry to release movies to the market. In this paper, we propose a multimodal model to predict the likability of movies using textual, visual and product features. With the help of these features, we capture different aspects of movies and feed them as inputs to binary and multi-class classification and regression models to predict IMDB rating of movies at early steps of production. We also propose our own dataset consisting of about 15000 movie subtitles along with their metadata and poster images. We achieve 76% and 63% weighted F1-score for binary and multiclass classification respectively, and 0.7 mean square error for the regression model. Using prediction methods and data analysis, this research helps the movie business to be more productive.

Partially Funded By :

National Science Foundation under grant number 1462141

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