Folksonomication: Predicting Tags for Movies from Plot Synopses using Emotion Flow encoded Neural Network



Folksonomy of movies covers a wide range of heterogeneous information about movies, like the genre, plot structure, visual experiences, soundtracks, metadata, and emotional experiences from watching a movie. Being able to automatically generate or predict tags for movies can help recommendation engines improve retrieval of similar movies, and help viewers know what to expect from a movie in advance. In this work, we explore the problem of creating tags for movies from plot synopses. We propose a novel neural network model that merges information from synopses and emotion flows throughout the plots to predict a set of tags for movies. We compare the system with multiple baselines and found that the addition of emotion flows boosts the performance of the network by learning ≈17% more tags than a traditional machine learning system.

Funded By :

National Science Foundation under grant number 1462141 and U.S. Department of Defense under grant W911NF-16-1-0422

Live Demo :

** First few tags are the most relevant ones according to the model.

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