Thamar Solorio

Thamar Solorio

Research Interests

My research deals with the analysis of spontaneous language samples. I work with written language mostly, but some of my work also deals with transcriptions of spoken language. My main research projects can be categorized along these lines:

  • Creative writing analysis (story understanding)
  • Computational Linguistics for the analysis of Code-Switched data
  • Detection of extremely negative text in social media
  • Information extraction from social media
  • Clinical NLP, the use of NLP in language assessment for a clinical purpose (diagnose, monitor conditions affecting language patterns)


Siva Uday Sampreeth Chebolu

Siva Uday Sampreeth Chebolu

Ph.D. Student
Research Interests

I am interested in problems like Sentiment and Emotion Analysis
Yigeng Zhang

Yigeng Zhang

Ph.D. Student
Research Interests

My research interest is natural language processing (NLP). My current research focuses on movie ratings with textual scripts.

Elaheh Baharlouei

Elaheh Baharlouei

Ph.D. Student
Research Interests

My research interest is Multimodal NLP.


Visiting Professor

  • Fabio Gonzalez -National University of Columbia, Bogotá – (Visited in Fall 2017)

Research Associate

PhD Students

Masters Students

  • Tamzid Alam
  • Deepthi Mave
  • Maksim Egorov
  • Akshay Kulkarni – Now at Teradata (Spring 2018)


  • Cash DeLeon
  • Kevin Portillo
  • Aidaly Santamaria
  • Soumia El Madani
  • Dung (Christian) Nguyen
  • Giai Tran
  • Hieu Trinh
  • Dwija Parikh
  • Armando Morales

High School Student

  • Tracy Wei