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Aguilar, Gustavo; Monroy, Pastor López A; Gonzalez, Fabio A; Solorio, Thamar

Modeling Noisiness to Recognize Named Entities using Multitask Neural Networks on Social Media Inproceedings

for Linguistics, Association Computational (Ed.): Proceedings of the 2018 Conference of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics: Human Language Technologies, Association for Computational Linguistics, New Orleans, Louisiana, 2018.

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Gustavo Aguilar Suraj Maharjan, Pastor López Monroy Thamar Solorio A

A Multi-task Approach for Named Entity Recognition on Social Media Data Inproceedings

Proceedings of 3rd Workshop on Noisy User-generated Text, WNUT 2017., 2017, (Ranked 1st place in the two evaluation metrics).

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Samih, Younes; Maharjan, Suraj; Attia, Mohammed; Kallmeyer, Laura; Solorio, Thamar

Multilingual Code-switching Identification via LSTM Recurrent Neural Networks Proceeding

Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Computational Approaches to Code Switching; EMNLP, 2016.

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